Nov 18

Discover: Aguid’s Wonders (Aguid, Sagada)

By Imee Badongen
Second Year Secretarial Course
Xijen College of Mountain Province

Aguid             Upon disembarking from Aguid, through the village’s narrow paths, upon the foot trails of the rice paddies was an open expanse that stretched from horizon to horizon. It was single-file as you marvel at the awesome sight that greets you every step of the way, hiking up and down to what seemed like a never ending trail across the varying landscape. Time didn’t seem to exist. The Aguid’s scenery consumed you yet you don’t even notice….

It is the biggest barangay of Sagada 7 Kilometers away from the town.

“A brief history of Aguid”

(Story told by lakay Domin-eng)

After the place of Pide, in the northern part of Sagada, was populated, an old woman went to the mountain located at the upper right side of Pide to weed their “uma” (field). When she felt tired of weeding she decided to take a rest at the mouth of the cave she sighted during her walk. While resting she saw a bundle of sharpened spears at the side. She concluded those were left by the hunters during their hunting, so she went home leaving it there. At supper, while eating with her family she remembered her rest at the cave near their field, so she told them about it. “Ya wacha yah inilak ay naa-aguidan ay kaiw issan liyang ay inmey ku nin suwengan, ay wa’ay ubpay umey men an anup sidi….” (“When I went for a rest at the cave near our field I sighted a bundle of sharpened spears, maybe hunters go there for a hunt…”)

Her story about what she saw in the cave spread, so then they had decided to call the place where the old woman’s family field is located “naa-aguidan.” Later it was shortened to “Aguid”.

Later on, the place that was once like a forsaken place was inhabited by the people from Pide and Fidelisan, Sagada who wanted to be separated from paganism.


Going to Aguid takes 30 minutes by jitney, as for nature lovers who want to have a walk, it will take an hour.  The jitney going to Aguid is located at the heart of the town just few meters up at the Sagada Municipal Hall. The trip to Aguid begins at 7:00 until 9:00 in the morning and at 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, going back trip to town is scheduled every 6:30 am, 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. If you can not catch the scheduled trips you take the Bangaan bound jitney and walk 30 minutes to Aguid following the road or take a short cut using the road going to Pide.  This route takes you to a breathtaking view of the rice terraces.

For first time visitors, do not hesitate to ask the friendly people of the place for directions, note also that the folks here more understand the English language instead of Filipino, especially the old folks.


There are no hotels of inns in the place, so for visitors who would like to spend the night here, building a tent is the only way.

Barangay officials:

Brgy. Captain Maximo Suyon

Barangay Kagawads

A. Milton Tawali

B. Penny Nasgatan

C. Alvin Lomiwes

D. Anselmo Suyam

E. Loling Batnag

F. John Moguil

G. Juan Balloyan

Brgy. Treasurer Edna Dom-ogen

Brgy. Secretery Domingo Kelly

SK Chairman: Saturnino Ariston

SK Officials:

Mhea Dumakit

JC Damgas

Maureen Malugdos

Harley Halang

Patong Obonan

Bily 702 Bustangik

Eugene Arce

New Officials (2010-2011)

Barangay Captain:  Maximo Suyan

Barangay Kagawads:

Juan Tomeg Balloyan

Nelliem Balao-ed Baniaga

Angel Siniklang Laus

Viernesa Baliaga Lingwa

Joseph Gatudan Patil-ao

Johnny Soyon Pomeg-as

Hilario Langcao Pumecda

Sk Chairman:

Johanna S. Moguil

Brgy. Kagawad:

Alma P. Cubebe

“Aguid ‘s  Daring Spots”

1. Tabeyay ew – an inviting body of water here in Sagada. Take a look at this refreshing place in this remote place in the Cordilleras.

2. Rice Terraces- just standing at the stones to view the Aguid’s majestic rice terraces.

3. Bumayeng Falls- located at the eastern part of Aguid where the main source of Bomod ok’s water come from.

posted by:

“Imee” L. Badongen

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