Oct 08

Apple Inc. : A Front-Runner for Innovation

Tech Talk

Joel T. Fagsao

The world has gotten used to International Business Machines (IBM) computer clones and the Windows Operating System (OS) software.  In fact 80% of the computers across the countries of the world use the Windows  OS, making Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, one of the richest man on earth.  On the other hand, only a few have encountered a line of computers called the Macintosh.  Macintosh or Mac computers are manufactured and designed by Apple Inc.  The thing with a Mac computer is that the hardware and software are all manufactured by a single company.  Compare this with a Windows based computer where there can be several manufacturers of the hardware (or the computer).  Microsoft Corporation only provides for the Windows OS and sells it to the computer manufacturers.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, Inc. successfully used a computer with images as interfaces unlike the early IBM computers that made us of text to command the computer.  The use of images is called the Graphic User Interface (GUI).  That was the time when the Disk Operating System (also created by Microsoft Corporation) powered the computer.  Later on, Windows 3.1 –using images and the mouse pointer to work on the computer came into use.  This sparked a controversy as Jobs (founder of Apple, Inc.) accused Bill Gates of copying the GUI of the Macintosh computer.

Apple Inc. continues to innovate and provide electronic enthusiasts with easy to use gadgets.   Ease of use is the hallmark of Apple.  It doesn’t take much effort to learn how to use and operate a Macintosh or Apple computer.   Macs are favorites among graphic designers, photo and video editors.  The powerful processor and graphics cards can take the load of movie editing jobs.

Macintosh computers come complete with software that can already be used out of the box.  This includes word-processing, spreadsheets, presentation and other applications that you need to work on.

Apple Inc. has continued to fascinate consumers with the release of the iPOd, iPhone and lately the iPAD. All gadgets have been designed with the convenience of the end user in mind.

The continued innovations from Apple, Inc. show that there are still a lot of things to squeeze from in the electronic world.  The challenge lies for all stakeholders to strengthen our engineering programs, technology, research and development to finally come up with a Pinoy computer we can be proud of.  This is possible if we all get our acts together.  After all, we have notable Filipino Engineer who made waves in the computer industry.  One of them is  Cagayan born Diosdado Banatao.  Born to a poor family, Banatao worked in the U.S. and developed the first system logic chip set for the computer.  This lowered the production cost of building a computer and made it more powerful.  In the website, http://www.millionaireacts.com/1258/dado-banatao-success-story.html,  Banatao had already reached millions when he started his third company named S3. It was a company that pioneered the local bus concept for the PC in 1989 and introduced the first Windows accelerator chip in 1990. Way back in 1993, S3 was then considered as the third most profitable technology company in the world when it went public having an IPO worth of US$30 million.  We have the human resources to make it big in the computer industry.  We just need the right conditions and government support.