Nov 02


Beating 20 others, Jesse Sabater of Baguio-La Trinidad ran off with third place in the welterweight category. (Photo courtesy of FLEX thru j. Sabater)

By: Glo Abaeo Tuazon
Email: twilight_glo@yahoo.com

       Still reeling from last month’s  2010 NPC Bodybuilding Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada placing 2nd in his welterweight category,  Jesse Rae D. Sabater again stole one of the top slots in the 2010 National Bodybuilding Championship. Easily taking 3rd place among 23 competitors, Sabater is adjudged as one of the crowd favorites during the event.

       Packing in about 500 competitors plus audience, the venue was bursting at the seams to laud the men and women who made it a career to sport fitness and bodybuilding like never before. The event saw a parade of newcomers and “amateur” veterans glistening like tanned, live demigods onstage. All time greats were also present to give honor to these people who are after their footsteps in the field. Aside from the division and overall trophies, the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) pro cards were given out to some chosen few, seven in all, making them part of the league of top bodybuilders in the world.      

Sabater, 2nd from left pose with other competitors during the 2010 USA National Bodybuilding Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo Courtesy of FLEX thru J. Sabater)

  So Sabater flaunted his iconic stance and made it to the top 4 during the pre-judging on Friday, October 15, 2010 and grabbed 3rd place at the finals on Saturday night, beating 20 others. Victor Prisk and Danny Hester ran off with the 1st and 2nd place trophies. But Sabater hefting the 3rd place trophy home makes it another reason for Baguio-La Trinidad (Philippine) folks to smile and be proud of. It is not often that a Filipino makes it this big and at par with other foreign counterparts.

       Though Sabater did not qualify for a Pro Card this year, he looks forward to the next events. For now he takes a leave for a well deserved rest and goes back to doing his job owning and running a dental lab in Oxnard, California where he is currently based. After the long months of training and dieting, other things occupy his mind today, that includes food, food and food. Of course included in the menu are those he misses back in the hometown, pinapaitan and pinikpikan downed in cans of beers. Cheers!