Sep 11

Bauko Official Website Launched

By Charlyn June Fadchal Lidua

The Local Government Unit of Bauko now has online presence after the successful launch of the municipality’s official website. Information and related services of the municipality can be accessed on the World Wide Web at www.lgubauko.gov.ph.

This is the result of the plan of Bauko officials last June 2011 to come up with a website and promote the municipality’s tourism potentials, information on culture and industry and the municipal services. A website team was then organized and assigned to Hon. Ricky Samidan. Charlyn June F. Lidua was tasked to put into fruition a comprehensive website. In July 2011, the Sanguguniang Bayan passed a resolution adopting www.lgubauko.gov.ph as the official domain name of Bauko municipality’s website. On August 2011, a soft launching was done after final negotiations with the webhost provider, Bauko, finally went online.

Before the adoption of the official domain name, the website was first uploaded at a free-hosted Content Management System and went online in the later part of June 2011. During the trial period, comments and suggestions from several visitors were received by the website team and served as their basis for the development and enhancement of the website. At present, the team is still upgrading the website and feeding necessary data to satisfy the needs of their visitors.

The LGU believes that through this website, they could reach their client’s important needs and serve them better. From the website, visitors can now download forms for business permit, get information on places of interest (for tourists), know about Bauko’s rich culture and relevant data.