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Besao East

Besao is protected by Mt. Mogao. Where barangays : Kin-iway (town), Padangaan ( Banana Republik)  Payeo, Besao Proper ( Besao East -Sugar cane Republik and Besao West) ,and Soquib are found in the foot of the mountain.

Besao Proper is subdivided into two barangays: Besao East and Besao West. Besao East is subdivided into three sitios namely Mong-o(upper),Tanguid(middle) and Law-ingan(lower).

Mong-o is where the Besao Elementary School and pre school is found. It is also here where you can find your way going to Soquib another Barangay of Besao.

Tanguid is found in the middle of these two sitios.  It is here where  barangay center and barangay clinic is located.

Law-ingan is what they call as the “Malacanang” because it is here where they held meetings and other agendas concerning the barangay when the barangay center was not yet established.


Barangay Captain: Dominga G. Callisen

Barangay Officials:

  • Delia Tao-ing
  • Theresa Santong
  • Julius Luzano
  • Prescilla Tung-alan
  • Caby Galas
  • Gavina Lopsoten
  • Loreta Degma

Barangay SK Chairman: Francis Mae Balisong


Endowed with verdant greeneries and spectacular viewpoints, Besao offers panoramic views of lush mountain slopes. The highest mountain peak is Mt Caman-ingel. Another famed attraction is the Besao Sunset. Its awesome view is soothing to the sight as the sun sets in to meet the evening dusk.

The Besao Sunset is a tourist attraction. From Besao, you can see the sun descending slowly until it disappears behind Tirad Pass. Then darkness creeps in, but you just stare at the sunset as if it is still there. The magical feeling of watching it simply go down stays with you and makes you forget that nighttime has stolen its beauty. But really, the beauty cannot be stolen. The memory stays with you for as long as you like. And it is free.(by Cheryll Daytec)

Basog falls is found at the foot of the mountain going to Tamaid.  The water here is very clear and clean that you can have some drink. The villagers in Besao protects this because it is one of their water source.

Cood Rice Terraces is one of the attraction of Besao East.  A very awesome view  that amazes any one.

Mount Mogao

Besao Proper is found on the foot


Of course, one will not forget the Begnas celebrated every 30th of September when the rays of the sun hits a towering rock called a stone calendar during the observance of Adog, one of the 12 agricultural months of the year in Besao. Adog in September precedes Kiling in October when the sowing of rice seeds start. (by Bartholome Baldas Sr.)


Beginning January the villagers here begin to make “DAPIL’ or what they call “PINAGLELEBEK” . It is what they call sugar cane making. For a village that has a less professionals, it is really a good substitute for the sugar.  For those lucky who produced more, they are able to sell some of them.

Besao is 28 kilometers from the capital town of Bontoc and accessible via Besao-Sagada Road and Besao-Tadian Road. It is also a get away to the Ilocos Region.

From Bontoc you can locate the jitney or van going to Besao via Sagada  behind the Igorot clinic going to Loc-ong, Poblacion Bontoc.


10:30 – First trip

11:30 – 2nd trip

1:00 – 3rd trip

2:30 – 4th trip

Our place is a perfect place for some kind of adventure activities like mountain climbing, hiking, and for pitnics, etc. For the place has a perfect surrounding for relaxation.


As to accommodation our place is just a small community with a small population in it, that’s why there are no hotels nor inns for the visitors.  But  there is the barangay captains house where you can stay, but for those who does’nt like, you can have a 15 minutes walk or you can ride in a tricycle or van to go in town(Kin-iway) where  you can find some hotels . Maricar’s Eatery and Golinsan Snack Haus are always in service for you.  Kin -way Town is just a small town that the people here are very hostpitable and friendly most specially to the visitors of our place that you can be friends with them.

By: Beveryly B. Degma

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