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Besao East


Besao Proper is subdivided into two barangays: Besao East and Besao West. Besao East is subdivided into three sitios namely Mong-o(upper),Tanguid(middle) and Law-ingan(lower).

Mong-o is where the Besao Elementary School and pre school is found. It is also here where you can find your way going to Soquib another Barangay of Besao.

Tanguid is found in the middle of these two sitios.  It is here where  barangay center and barangay clinic is located.

Law-ingan is what they call as the “Malacanang” because it is here where they held meetings and other agendas concerning the barangay when the barangay center was not yet stablished.


Barangay Captain: Fredrick Piluden

Barangay Officials:

  • Filmer Anosan
  • Miller Isa-is
  • Julius Luzano
  • Paul Alzate
  • Caby Galas
  • Juanita wallang
  • Loreta Degma

Barangay SK Chairman: Marcia Lopez


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