May 12

Businesses to Invest In, In Mountain Province

Source:  Department of Trade and Industry, Mountain Province
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I.  Eco-tourism Promotion and Development
    A.  Tour Operation 1.    Development and   coordination of tour packages within Mountain Province;2.    Organizing and coordinating invitational tourism events;

3.    Organizing, training and referral of tour guides and providing tour guide services.

    B.  Transportation Services 1.    Operation of tour buses and vans;2.    Construction and establishment of cable transport for mountain navigation and viewing;

3.    Horse stables and horse rentals

  1. Gifts, Souvenir and


1.    Manufacturing of gifts, souvenir, and “pasalubong”       out of indigenous raw materials each municipality coming 

       up with respective “Pasalubong ng Bayan”

2.    Establishment of Pasalubong centers and gift shops in

       Bontoc, Mabaay, Bauko and Sagada

3.    Packaging and labeling designs and printing;

  1. Arts, Photography and Publication
    1. Cultural research, documentation and publishing;
    2. Establishment of schools of living traditions
  1. Tourism Facilities and Services
    1. Lodging Houses and restaurants
    2. Homestays
    3. Internet and Communication Centers;
    4. Development of resorts, campsites, convention houses, and recreation establishments;
    5. Development of theme parks like watershed, botanical gardens, etc;
    6. Wellness centers (clinics offering massage, reflexology, kolkolis, etc)
    7. Commercial Banking
    8. Skylift facilities
  1. Water Bottling


  1.  Retirement Homes/ Facilities
    1. Water delivery
    2. Water purification, distilling and bottling
II  Investments in industries clustered with One-Town-One-Products (OTOP) namely
 A.   Adventure Tourism
  1. Mountain Treking(Barlig, Bontoc),
  2. Cave Spelunking(Sagada),
  3. Mountain Biking(Sagada, Barlig),
  4. Horseback riding(Bontoc, Sagada, Barlig, Tadian);
  5. Culture (Bontoc, Tadian)


B.  Food Production and   Processing
  1. Fruit Wine Making (Bauko)
  2. Sugar Cane (Basi) Wine (Sadanga)
    1. Fruit Processing (Tadian)
    2. Legume Production and Processing (Sadanga)
    3. Vegetable Production and Processing (Bauko, Sagada, Tadian)
    4. Native rice production including ‘malagkit’ and red rice (Barlig)
    5. ‘Patopat’ Production (Bontoc)
 C.  Loom and Backstrap Weaving (Sagada, Bontoc)  

  1. Subcontractors
  2. Sewing/ Tailor Shop
  3. Designers
 D.  Pottery (Sagada)  1.  Galleries
E.   Coffee Production and Processing (Sagada, Bontoc) 1.  Coffee Farms2.  Coffee Shops
F.   Corn Production and Processing (Paracelis) 1.  Corn Production2   Post Harvest Mills and Buying Center

3.  Feed Mills

G.   Abaca Fiber Industry (Natonin) 1.  Abaca Farms2.  Fiber Production

3.  Handmade Paper Production

4.  Abaca Handicraft

H.  Construction (Sabangan) 1.  Aggregate Concessions;2.  Construction Material Production

3.  Iron Works

4.  Building Contracts (Labor and Facilities)

5.  Technical Training Center

6.  Construction Supplies

III   High Value Crop Production
A.  Fruit Production  1.  Production and Processing of Citrus
  2.  Production of Raw Materials for Wine namely:  Bignay,   Governor’s Plum, Duhat and Persimmon;
  3.  Production and Processing of Pineapple;
  4.  Production and Processing of Bananas;
B.  Commercial Farm Development- 1.  Production of Arabica and Robusta Coffee:
2.  Production and milling of corn:
  1. Production of native rice;


C.  Organic Vegetable and Rootcrop Production and Processing 1. Gabi
2. Ube
3. Camote
4. Cassava
  1. Squash
  2. Medicinal Herbs


D.  Agri-Marketing Facilities 1.  Operation of Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain Facility
  2.  Establishment of Packaging Center
  3.  Establishment of Crop Nursery
  1. Seed and seedling production including tissue culture


A.   Trading Centers 1.  Trade Center/Trading Post
  2.  Shopping Center
B.  Support Services 1.  Training Institution to offer courses that will enhance skills and competence of industry labor;
  2. Construction of Public restrooms
C.  Communication 1.  Call Center Operation 
 D. Infrastructure 1.  Construction and development of access infrastructure2.  Power Generation (Wind, water and solar)