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Stories of inspiration. Success stories- true to life. For each one of us to reflect upon, and to learn.

Dec 02

The John Tarnate Family Business

Mountain View Cafe, a new addition to the family business.

By Joel T. Fagsao In the early 70’s John Tarnate of Maba-ay Bauko, Mountain Province had it in his mind that he needed to help out in his wife’s general store business.  He then made the rounds of the nearby municipalities of Tadian, Sabangan and Bauko in a beat up vehicle to sell goods.  As …

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May 16

Lamps O Lamps

Chinese lamps brighten up the exhibits at the HK Museum of History.  Photo:  Joel T. Fagsao

May 12

Kayan Community After the Wrath of Typhoon Pepeng

T-Shirt Printing Training-Kayan, Tadian, Photo: Jones Malwagay

 JONES G. MALWAGGAY, DTI-CARP, Mountain Province Friday, January 21, 2011 One year after the Kayan Community of Tadian, Mountain Province was devastated by the wrath of Typhoon Pepeng in October, 2009,  the people  have started to be on their toes leaving the woes on their losses.   The eroded mountain side that crumbled 17 homesteads is …

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May 12

The Story of the Farmer


By Joel T. Fagsao A story goes that a dying man called upon his three sons.  His sons gathered at his deathbed and listened to what their old man has to say.  The old man pointed to three bags of grains and asked that each of his sons take them.  Then he said, “it is …

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