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May 17

What a Life!

Austin leads a charmed life, unlike the rest of the pigs in Bontoc, who are now housed in cement structures.

Nov 10

“Mainit, my hometown”

Geston"s Swimming Pools

By Jennelyn P. Yoga I. Brief History The original settlers of Mainit came from a place called  Mt.Suysuyan. A group of people saw a magical Pine Tree that transplanted itself from one place to another. The same people followed the Pine Tree up to Mt Paparrut (above the present village) where it finally rooted itself. …

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Oct 21

Getting Around Bontoc

By: Ayra T. Cambod and Mia G. Gasmeña Special project for Web Page Design and Development Course With updates by Alfaretta P. Nadcop In our research about Bontoc, we found out that Bontoc is politically subdivided into sixteen (16) barangay named: Alab Proper Alab Oriente Balili Bayyo Bontoc Ili Caneo Dalican Gonogon Guinaang Mainit Maligcong Samoki Talubin …

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Oct 03

HK OFWs Celebrate Bontoc Day, Puma-at Is Guest of Honor


Central, HK.   Mountain Province OFWs from around Hong Kong and Macau converged at Central on September 26, 2010 to celebrate Am-among  (Grand Gathering) 2010-Bontoc Day.  An offshoot of the Am-among held in Bontoc, the capital town of Mountain Province, Bontoc  OFWs based in this city invited province-mates,  Philippine Embassy staff and other OFWs to join  …

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