May 16

Consumer Tip: Buying School Supplies

The Department of Trade and Industry-Mountain Province provides the following consumer tips when buying school supplies:

In buying school supplies, look for the following:

  • Trade mark and/ or brand
  • Name and address of manufacturer/ distributor
  • “Made in the Philippines” or Country of manufacture/ origin

Special Markings to look for:

  • Pad paper (grade school, intermediate)-   Number of leaves-      Type (grade school, intermediate); Size (grade school: 143×210 mm; intermediate: 200×250 mm)
  • Crayons-  Quantity (8 pieces, 16, 24, 32, etc),-  Classification (regular; jumbo), The words: “Non-toxic”
  • Wood-cased black-lead pencils-Density of breaking strength (No 1, No 2, No 3)
  • Ball pen -Description block (“ball point pen”; ball point refill”). -      Tip classification code (medium-sized tip; broad-sized tip, etc) ; Number part of PNS ISO 12757 (PNS ISO 12757-1),-      Date of manufacture
  • Notebook (spiral, stitch-bound),-      Number of leaves (50; 90)-  Type, class, size and grammage
  • Eraser,-   Classification (rubber; plastic)