Sep 20


By: Glo Abaeo Tuazon

Email: twilight_glo@yahoo.com

The 2015 deadline set by the 192 member states making up the United Nations to reach the agreed eight (8) key goals  to eradicate poverty is fast approaching. The making of these goals and the approval was historic, making it the very first time nations moved in unison to forge a collaborative, multilateral action to eradicate poverty and with specific targets and indicators. For years since it was first created, it moved the world annually in simultaneous activities and noise creations to awaken the very authorities who could move to eradicate the causes and problems relating to poverty and development. The recent years’ efforts have proven effective, making the public view poverty as the stand out root cause of most other problems, thus needing political and  social attention.

All over the world, nations are experiencing  economic slowdown and peppered by challenges such as energy and food crises, climate change, global health emergencies, gender inequality, education deficiency and security threats. During the Millenium Summit convened on September 2000 in New York by then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the world leaders agreed that poor and rich nations alike should work together to achieve all 8 goals by year 2015, a good 15 year span. All this talks were encapsulated in one document called the Millenium Declaration of 2000. The eight goals are as follows: (1) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (2) Achieve universal primary education (3) promote gender equality and empower women (4) Reduce child mortality (5) Improve maternal health (6) Combat HIV-AIDS, malaria and other diseases (7) Ensure environmental sustainability and (8) Develop a global partnership for development. This included and bound the Philipppines a part of the treaty.

This year 2010 has one main objective and that is to exert pressure on the government to compel it to produce an MDG Breakthrough Plan to be presented and discussed in the MDG Review Summit 2010. Specifically, the campaign now would zero in into influencing and ensuring that the government action plan is fast-tracked and should focus on the goals where the Philippines is lagging and address critical issues that have hampered MDG progress to include corruption, bad governance and rapid population growth.

In Baguio City, the MAKAMUNDO Network of groups and Cordillera Global Network with PILCD will spearhead an activity on September 17, 2010 and invites everyone interested to join the cause. This is a FREE event as it concerns humanity as a whole, no fees to be collected whatsoever. Activity starts at the Baguio City High School 8AM where a short lecture will be given to the students after which a fraction of their population will form a big “smiley face” on the ground, to symbolize the world they wanted. An elevated vantage point will be secured for interested photojournalists. The evening of September 17 will also see 3 venues singing out to support the cause. The main stage, Le Fondue, would  present solo artists and bands to include Daluyon, Crimson Zephyr, Binhi, Jun Utleg, Mon Mapa and other surprise artists.