Jul 31

Guina-ang, Serene Guina-ang

Tiny Houses? Try again.

Joel T. Fagsao

Barrio Guina-ang is one of the upland villages of Bontoc, Mountain Province.  A visit to Guina-ang gives you an insight of simple living- away from the stress of the daily grind.  Villagers tend to their rice fields, gather pine twigs for firewood and call it a day when the sun sets.  The idyllic setting provides for a deep slumber at night and an opportunity to awake in a glorious early morning setting.  Visit Guina-ang and experience living with the villagers.  Guina-ang is an ideal place for experiencing village life-in Bontoc.   The series of photos provide a glimpse of Guina-ang.

The “tiny houses” are not houses after all, they are rice granaries- galvanized roof and pine wood structures used to store grains.  Rice granaries have no commercial padlocks but are locked in an ingenious way.  It can either be a piece of wood (tiny) that is cleverly placed in some cracks and the act of removing it will unlock the door.  Christianity has influenced the lives of the people of Guina-ang when the Anglicans and Roman Catholics established churches here. Still, the old folks are steeped in tradition and have beliefs in the existence of the unseen (dead ancestors).  Some villagers (of Guina-ang) have opted to move on to the cities and outside of the country-but would pay a visit when the occasion calls.   When a bus from Baguio stops at the Lo’s gas station in Bontoc-a pig or two would be unloaded.  You would then know that the pig is bound for Guina-ang or Mainit- either for a wedding, a funeral or a traditional feast -gathering of clan members.   If you want to experience real village life in a great setting, visit Guina-ang, join them in the rice harvest (July-August).

Pleasantries. I had a drink of Royal True Orange with the kids and women of the village. The local baker provides great tasting bread. I asked for the Tengays of Guina-ang, my middle name is Tengay.

The Episcopalians established a church in Guina-ang. Christianity is part of village life in Guina-ng

A view of Guina-ang Village.

Men folk carry goods and rice grains to the village.