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HK OFWs Celebrate Bontoc Day, Puma-at Is Guest of Honor

Central, HK.   Mountain Province OFWs from around Hong Kong and Macau converged at Central on September 26, 2010 to celebrate Am-among  (Grand Gathering) 2010-Bontoc Day.  An offshoot of the Am-among held in Bontoc, the capital town of Mountain Province, Bontoc  OFWs based in this city invited province-mates,  Philippine Embassy staff and other OFWs to join  in the celebration that showcased various activities.  Professor Regina K. Puma-at of the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College was guest of honor.  With the theme, “Han Gawis E Panagkakadwa Kataguwan Han Tumunggal Eha (Friendship/Camaraderie Shall Reign),” Puma-at inspired the OFWs to spread the culture of helping one another and continue to maintain close ties with province-mates in their adapted city. A day of dancing with gongs, cultural presentations and the crowing of Miss Am-among 2010-HK were the highlights of the activity.    Barangay (Barrio) Guina-ang won first place in the cultural presentation, followed by Bontoc (Proper) and the Balili-Alab-Gonogon group.  Miss Barbara Lucille (Michelle) Faniswa won as this year’s Miss Am-among 2010-HK.  Maligcong’s candidate is 1st Runner Up, Dalican’s candidate is 2nd and Devorah Kanongkong of Samoki was third runner up.  The Darling of the Crowd went to Miss Mainit.

The idea of having the celebration of Am-among –Bontoc Day in HK was cooked up by Ms. Lucia Afidchao which was brought to fruition by the cooperation of various sub organizations of OFWs from  the various barrios of Bontoc.  Am-among-Bontoc Day started last year and organizers vow to celebrate the event each year.  This year, the event was organized by the Talubin group.

Benguet and Kalinga OFWs came in to share their presentations and join the celebration.  The celebration went off without hitches and as the day wore on, cameras from tourists and the curious clicked.  Other OFWs gawked and stayed on to watch the presentations.  Unmindful of HK’s humid weather, friends and new acquaintances gathered for final group shots-to be shared on Face Book.  At 6:00 P.M. it was called a day. –  more photos of the event can be had at ;  another at photo album 1 ; photo album 2 and last but not least at photo album 3 - Joel T. Fagsao


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    1. luz afidchao

      Hello, Joel. The am-among here in HK started Sept. 2004. This year is the 6th celeb. Joel, sorry for not following up your message. After the am-among, I focused my dayoffs with the practice of the performance(interpretative) of the cordis and church activities. If it’s not late, I’ll email you the concept and or history of the am-among here. Yaman, yaman for this nice article. umali kayo kasin next year for the 3rd MOUNTAIN PROVINCE DAY CELEB on MARCH 13, 2011.

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