Nov 12


Brief History:

“Barangay Latang is found at the eastern part of Barlig. It is sub-divided into 7 sitios namely Latang Ad-acha, Latang Ek-eket, Chusok, Pet-ag, Posong, Chakaran and Payangnga. Farming is the main course of the people there. They also plant vegetables good enough for family’s consumption. Others also are hunting in the thick forest for wild pigs,deer,wild birds, wild cats for viand. The people there are very hospitable and entertain their visitors well. They served the best of what they have.

Tourist Spots:

Siblaw Taraw Lake

"The quicksand found on top of the forest"

Allob Falls

wonderful rock

“A place where you can see rocks with different shapes and colors.”

Mt. Amuyao

Topnew Hotspring

Barlig falls

How to Get There

Baguio City to Bontoc, Mt. Province

·        Travel Time: 6-7 Hours

·        Mode of Transportation: Buses (Rising Sun Lizardo Trans and Dangwa Tranco) Buses Depart daily every 5:00am and 3:00pm.

·        Bus Station: Slaughter Compound, Baguio City or Dangwa Tranco Bus Station, Baguio City.

·        Bontoc to Barlig Town:

·        Travel time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours

·        Mode of Transportation: Jeepneys

·        Schedule: Bontoc-Barlig 1:30pm, Bontoc-Lias 4 to 5pm, Bontoc-Kadaclan 4 to 5pm.


- SeaWorld Inn and Restaurant located at Poblacion, Barlig

-Lolo Peds Restaurant at Poblacion, Barlig

- Wilderness Restaurant at Fiangtin, Barlig


“Every year on the month of June, the Barligians are celebrating their town fiesta which is the ” Fortan Festival”. “Fortan” means inheritance wherein the  customs, beliefs and traditions we inherit from our forefathers arer not to be forgotten. Indigenous games are played for everybody’s enjoyment. There is also an event which is the “search for miss fortan” where all the beautiful ladies of Barlig are invited to join. It is quite indeed good if you are going to visit my hometown Barlig and see the beauty of it.

Municipal Officials of Barlig

Municipal Mayor: Hon. Edmundo Sidchayao

Municipal Vice Mayor: Hon. Pio Cupasan

Sangguniang Bayan/ Councilors:

-Hon. Roosevelt Aggac

-Hon. Ayson Naulgan

-Hon. Genesis Changilan

-Hon. Isidro Masong

-Hon. Fernando Cablog

-Hon. Romeo Cofin

-Hon. Clark Ngaya

-Hon. Donald Alubia

Barangay Officials of Latang

Barangay Captain:

- Hon. Miguel Lagkeo

Barangay Kagawads:

-Hon. Rodrigo Layao

-Hon. Wilfredo Layao

-Hon. Padilla Nicolas

-Hon. Erenia Tagmacon

-Hon. Norman Fomalin

-Hon. Abelardo Mokimog

-Hon. Narcisa Sumipit

Barangay Secretary:

Ms. Levina Masong

Barangay Treasurer:

Ms. Amalia Ayongchi

Barangay SK Chairman:

-Hon. Myla Foningor

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