May 12

Kayan Community After the Wrath of Typhoon Pepeng

 JONES G. MALWAGGAY, DTI-CARP, Mountain Province

Friday, January 21, 2011

T-Shirt Printing Training-Kayan, Tadian, Photo: Jones Malwagay

One year after the Kayan Community of Tadian, Mountain Province was devastated by the wrath of Typhoon Pepeng in October, 2009,  the people  have started to be on their toes leaving the woes on their losses.   The eroded mountain side that crumbled 17 homesteads is now growing grasses and shrubs on its terraced slopes.  The community plaza that sheltered the victims is now mounted with a pleasant painting with a rainbow symbolizing calmness after the storm.  Father Andrew Claver, the Mission Rector of the Catholic church there cordially invites people for pictorial in front the beautiful mural.

During the year, the DTI as the chair of the Economic Committee of the Provincial Development Council, coordinated a service caravan to the community to where commitments from different agencies were made.  DTI-Mountain Province committed a project that will develop into tangible products the chants, scenery and historical events that the community is strong with.  In December, 2008 brought the designer Mr. Rey Soliven for an assessment of the community and come up with a recommendation of an appropriate project.   In recommendations, he cited the community’s historical background of being the gateway of religion and commerce from the Ilocos Region.  He also noted that the people are keen on arts and music.  The design challenge then was how to make good of the arts and music into tangible products fore souvenirs, tokens and home furnishing.  Mr. Soliven then suggested silk screen printing, decoupage and hand on any medium.  They can produce souvenir shirts, mugs, caps and on twigs, on papers and wall decors. 

After getting a buy in from few stakeholders, DTI Mountain Province through its CARP program conducted a training on Silk Screen Printing Business on October 18-22, 2010.  Mr. James Wandag, an artist and a businessman was tapped as trainer.  He generously shared his expertise in the craft and his experiences in this type of business.  Two processes  namely  Green Film process  and Photgraphic process were introduced.  The participants were amazed on how the picture of their faces could be put on their shirts.  A continuing monitoring of this project will lead to activities on how this skill could be utilized productively to earn them a living.

The Kayan Catholic Mission and the Cordillera Parent’s Federation there are the community based cooperators in  this program.