Nov 15


Lingoy is one of the  barangay of Barlig. It is divided in two smaller areas called Lower and Upper Lingoy.  There are a few houses in my village of Lingoy.  Oil lamps are used at night because electricity has yet to come to this place. Agriculture is the main source of living.  My village backyard is a thick forest so that hunting for wild animals adds to our protein diet needs.  But we do are aware that conservation and protection of our environment ensures the survival of my village, Lingoy.

Municipal Officials of Barlig

Municipal Mayor: Hon. Edmundo Sidchayao

Municipal Vice Mayor: Hon. Pio Cupasan

Sangguniang Bayan/ Councilors:

-Hon. Roosevelt Aggac

-Hon. Ayson Naulgan

-Hon. Genesis Changilan

-Hon. Isidro Masong

-Hon. Fernando Cablog

-Hon. Romeo Cofin

-Hon. Clark Ngaya

-Hon. Donald Alubia

*Barangay officials

captain: Hon Baltazar Kub-arun

*Barangay Kagawad

Hon. Jonathan Pangiyan

Hon. Kevin Mac-liing

Hon. Jhun Agpad

Hon. Charlotte Keeg

Hon. Shirly Ngaya

Hon. Evelyn Nonnot

Hon. Redentor Liwaden

Sk Chairman: Hon, Jimson Masadao

Secretary: Fidela Lamaton

Treasurer: Marie Agpad

*There indigenous materials and music

Ayucheng, an amazing version of our pattong and gangsa through a mouth producing aided instrument, producing an indigenous sound and crafted in indigenous means. This tiny instrument is made by creating a slit in a flattened

Chagchaku” is a Finallig word for a song or chant to the dead. It is sung purely vocal, spontaneously composed in a story telling prose where words are led by one elder and being followed into a chorus to the end of the sentence/song. This is done during the waking nights/ days of the vigil.bullet cartridge.

Pattong The Igorots share the common dance in a form of Canao, however the different tribes do it differently. Canao is a form of Igorot cultural gathering from a variety of reasons, this reasons will define the names of each event. In Barlig the common canao is the “oras”. “Oras” could be a celebration of marriage, success, homecoming, or healing of sick. “Sicha” is another one but I think this is only an occasion within the family and this involves only eating, no beating of the gong or dance involved.


Enatop One of the unique feature of the Igorots is their dwelling. In Barlig we call them “Afong” or “Enatop”. This is made mainly by selected wood and dried cogon leaves. This is almost similar to the huts of the Ifugao in it’s structure.