Nov 17

Litangfan and now Guina-ang

Susan B. Afidchao

Computer Secretarial Student

XiJEN College of Mountain Province

“Guina-ang, Bontoc, Mt. Province”

One of a kind, this was Guina-ang. A place where you can feel the real breeze of a native land. Fresh, cool and relaxing atmosphere welcomes the people and embraces the visitors.

Where did Guina-ang got its name?

Guina-ang  used to be called Litangfan. The people however changed the name to “KHINAANG” which was derived from the descriptive translation of the sound of the Gongs. Its present spelling is a euphemism introduced by a foreigner who married into the place.



Guina-ang terraces view from which the palay have been harvested. Matteng is a  place where they plant their palay. It is located and can be found near the area (slight walk).


Artistic way of planting camote tops.

The people of Guina-ang has a creative way to enhance the productivity of their plants/crops.

A spiral farm is a nice view from the top.


“A public refreshing area”

Water for everybody. Chakkit is known to be a public refreshing area wherein they took a bath, wash clothes,  fetch drinking waters, wash tools after going to the garden—- multipurpose to the people.


A triangular house-like where they store and stock the harvested palays. Our great great grand fathers invented this house on the olden times and we are still preserving it until now.

"ABBA'" is still done until now.



It is easy to go to Guina-ang. Read/Do the following iformations/steps:

1. KODAK Photoshop would be guide to the station of Guina-ang—via—Bontoc. 2. Beside the shop, you can see a jeepney parking. Look for the jeep and ride. 3. Fare:      Students —-php. 20;          Seniors —- php.20;        Regular —–php.   25    4. The distance between Bontoc Central up to Guina-ang is about 11km.

Guina-ang is a mountainous area which is about 1,860sq. The area is covered with a house and trees/plants which reflects the population of the barangay. Since the area is not covered with so many houses, we can say that the population is of normal and not crowded.

Weather Condition: Wet and Dry or the so called Sunny and Rainy Seasons.


Bgy. Captain: Ninian Lang-agan

Councilman: Benson Aowes

George Ekid

Laurence Farrong

Harry Charongen

Delfin Winnie

Danstein Kewakew

Thomas Longatan

The Author:

Susan B. Afidchao


Reference: Bontoc, Yesterday and Today authored by Florence Kittong Chaokas of Bontoc Mt. Province


  1. aflaine 82

    well done madame…nice shots
    nice place indeed..

  2. gary mccrossan

    Very impressive susan,melanie told me all about bahay kubo,and now i see it for myself,i cant wait to visit with her,hope everyone is well…..nice pics….

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