May 12

Loving Our Planet Earth Through Campus Journalism

Berlee Gaengan
St. James High School

(First Place, Feature Writing, English, Secondary Level, DSPC 2009)

Our planet earth is now greatly in danger.  It is now polluted due to man’s own carelessness and negligence to his own environment.

As been observed, garbage are being scattered everywhere.  We can see a lot of it on the streets, canals, pathways, or even around the school campus.  Aside from that, there is also the continuous rise of global warming.  We can feel its hazardous effects through the unprecedented changes of the weather.  Even the bountiful rivers and lakes are also polluted.  This causes the death of so many aquatic animals.  At present, we can only see a few of these aquatic animals.  Sad to say, these are all caused by humans’ illegal ways of caring his environment.

Being a part of this society, we are also affected by the harmful and devastative effects of our own irresponsible response to our environment.  Floods and destructive landslides are just some of these harmful effects of our uncaring ways to our environment.  These show how irresponsible we are.  And who do you think will suffer?  Are we not the ones to suffer also?  Well, we are the ones who will soon suffer if this worsening pollution continues.  As early as now, let us therefore start to stop and lessen the pollution of our environment.

It is not yet too late for us to save our Mother Earth.  We can still contribute in our own little way in conserving and protecting our environment.

As student writers, we are tasked to inform our fellow citizens on the protection and conservation of our environment.  We must awaken our fellow human beings from their disastrous acts that contribute to the degrading of our environment.

Remember the famous words of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, when he said, “the youth is the hope of the fatherland.”  We are expected to make wise actions and movements for our Mother Earth.  Through our own little ways, we are able to save our Mother Earth from its continuous destruction.

Being student writers, we can make some ways on how to save our environment and at the same time, protect our Mother Earth.  Indeed, we can make it through capus journalism.  We are inspired to write informative articles regarding the proper caring and handling of our own environment.  By this way, our readers will soon come to realize their own mistakes; hence they shall now start to change their uncaring ways to our environment.  Through journalism, we may be able to promote for environmental awareness.  Through our written articles, we may also warn other citizens not to worsen the continuous destruction of our environment.