Nov 06

The Nature Attractions of Lunas, Barlig


Lunas Kadaclan

by: Jeraldine Cayasfon



Long time ago, the place Lunas is a forest, but, there are still people living. One of these is Mancheng and his wife Madcholimay. Month passed by, Madcholimay died in giving birth. Her husband decide to gather “onas” ( local term for sugar cane) and extract the juice coming from it and give to the baby. The juice of “onas” was effective because the baby grow faster and healthier.

This is the reason why the old people named the place as Lunas coming from the name Onas which means sugarcane. Because of sugarcane, the baby lived even without the milk coming from his mother.


Lunas has a population of 658.


Lunas is one of the sittios of Kadaclan and is  located at the eastern part of Barlig. From Bontoc, it takes a 55 kilometer stretch of road to reach Lunas, Kadaclan. From Bontoc, take a jitney ride to Barlig, the parking station is in front of the Cathedral of All Saints (Anglican church).  The Barlig jitney will leave Bontoc starting at 3:00 or 3:30 P.M.  The fare is P140.00 for regular passengers and P120.00 for students.


Barrio Lunas has no inn and commercial establishments to eat.  The barrio officials though welcomes visitors. Despite of this situation, the barrio has a mini videoke bar and at the same time a billiard hall.  But of course, the natural attractions provide for a more interesting visit.  Groups of visitors are often accommodated in the schools.  There is also a home-stay in Kadaclan barrio nearby.  Just look for retired teacher-supervisor, Mr. Dionnie Chungalan.


In Lunas, there are some beautiful spots to visit and to view also like the following:


-lettang burial cave

-monyopoyop falls

-patyayan falls

In order to reach these beautiful ,sceneries, you have to hike for 30 minutes or less, it depends on the place where it was located.

Entrance fee is not required for visitors.  For your safety, it is also wise to inform the barrio officials of the places you will be visiting.   The officials can also guide you to the spots.  The best arrangement is let the officials or locals accompany you to my barrio’s attractions.

Barangay officials of Lunas

Mrs. Ola Salingkod- Barangay Captain

Barangay Kagawad:

Mr. Eusebio Chattom

Mrs. Jonita Patacsil

Mr. Tafiayag Choycawon

Mrs. Ursula Mundo

Mr. Sergio Cayasfon

Mrs. Mildred kinomon

Mr. Aram Tenangag

Sk Chairman

Mr. Junrey Camrot

Sk Kagawad:

Ms. Jet Tenangag

Ms. Sheridan Sifiata

Mr. Elvis Bumacas

Mr. Dante Senagun

Ms. Jeraldine Nabunat

Mr. Jonice Patacsil

Mr. Teddy Cayasfon


Municipal Mayor: Hon. Edmundo Sidchayao

Municipal Vice-Mayor: Hon. Pio Cupasan


-          Mr. Roosevelt Aggac

-          Mr. Ayson Naulgan

-          Mr. Genesis Changilan

-          Mr. Isidro Masong

-          Mr. Romeo Cofin

-          Mr. Clark Ngaya

-          Mr. Donald Alubia

-          Mr. Fernando Cablog


During summer—– month of April, we held our barangay fiesta, town fiesta and Menaliyam Festival as well.

Menaliyam Festival held in Brgy.Chupac, it showcases its rich, ancient culture and features native dances, songs and cultural presentations depicting the Kadaclan tribe’s ancient practices and customs.  Menaliyam means “a gathering of people.”  The concept of the festival is to spur progress and development in this remote village with the young generation in the forefront.


The weather is wet at most parts of the year starting from the last days of May up to December.  April and May are the dry months.