Nov 10

“Mainit, my hometown”

By Jennelyn P. Yoga


I. Brief History

The original settlers of Mainit came from a place called  Mt.Suysuyan. A group of people saw a magical Pine Tree that transplanted itself from one place to another. The same people followed the Pine Tree up to Mt Paparrut (above the present village) where it finally rooted itself.

Since the area was hilly, the people decided to settle down on the lower plain which they named Lengwa. The site of the Pine Tree became sacred   and now the ritual ground.

The Pine Tree was transplanted by the people to its present  site, when a man was killed while worshipping in the old site.

How Mainit Got Its Name:

Geston"s Swimming Pools

The word mainit is a lowland term which means hot. This reference may be attributed to the presence of several hot springs in the area.

If what people say is true that the place had been called such since time immemorial then it is safe to assume that people in the area has active relations with lowland civilization long before the Spaniards came. The reason is being that the term finds no existence in the local vernacular.(Bontoc Today and Yesterday)

II. Tourist Spots

A. Hot spring

III. How to Get There

Well, our jeepney station is in between the Kodak and the Chakas building.The jeepney arrives here at 9:00 am and it will leave at 3:00 pm.

IV. Accomodation

A. Geston’s Inn & Pool