Aug 11

Natonin Today

Fifteen years past, to reach the town of Natonin, Mountain Province you should have the strength to walk. Back then, the first time visitor takes an overnight stay at Kadaclan, Barlig, then on to a day’s walk to finally, reach Poblacion, Natonin. If you want to move on to the town of Paracelis, consider another day of walking on a sticky muddy road. The hiking on the road was much fun then when you were at your prime. Development has come at last to this “neglected” frontier of Mountain Province. Road portions specially the critical ones have been cemented-quite an accomplishment, when many thought it was impossible to do. But there can be a downside to development. Already, we have seen trucks carrying hard wood -Narra. The mossy forest, hardwood trees, flora and fauna are at risk. It will need the cooperation of the locals and other stakeholders to get their acts together and preserve Mountain Province’s eastern side- the last frontier. (Text and photos: Joel T. Fagsao)