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Pide, Sagada, My Home

Pide, Sagada

by Lorie Copas
A Project in the Web Page Design and Development Class
Xijen College of Mountain Province, Inc.
Bontoc, Mountain Province


Long long ago, there was only one barangay called Fedilisan located at northern part of Sagada. One day, a pregnant dog went away to find some food to eat. In the morning, the owner of the dog worried because his dog didn’t go home last night, so he decided to go and find it. He found his dog at the upper part , one kilometer’s away from the said barangay. The dog had already gave birth at the center of this place under a big pine tree. The man discovered that this location is very beautiful and good for a place to stay. He, then, built a little house and began to cultivate some farms for him and his dogs to live at.

As days go by, some individuals from Fedilisan followed him until it became a community or barangay named, “Pide” which means side.


Barangay Pide is at the northern part of Sagada, centered by the three barangays of  Bangaan, Aguid, and Fedilisan.


Barangay Pide had a population of three hundred ninety seven (397) at the present.

Municipal Mayor: Eduardo T. Latawan
Vice Mayor: Richard A. Yodong
SB Members:
Francisco B. Balisong
Venancio B. Baybay
Valentine B. Lam-osen
Moses B. Padayao
Dennis A. Lopez
Edwardo P. Guitelen
Kapon P. Gomgom-o
Francis S. Kilongan
Haida Lonogan
Haida Lonogan
OFFICIALS (2008-2010)
Captain: Haida Lonogan
Barangay Officials:
Manuel Tingowan
Joseph Ogannod
Cristino Odlos
Mathew Bosiley
Manuel Ciano
Esperanza Labiang
Wilfred Dapidap
Secretary: Ursula Calderon
Treasurer: Cynthia Annoyan
SK President: Andrew D. Tomaag
SK Officials:
Patricio Sagayo
Honey Ann Copa-os
Ellen Agnes Odlos
Janah Toyoken
Karen Patong
Helen Dapidap
Esperanza Agwiking
Secretary: Patricio Sagayo
Treasurer: Honey Ann Copa-os


Captain: Soliaban, Herman L.
Barangay officials:
Delusen, Luisa C.
Locan-eo, Petra T.
Loyosen, John B.
Annoyan, Domingo P.
Odlos, Cristino B.
Ogannod, Joe.
Suyam, Albin G.
SK  President: Copa-os, Jan Kevin D.
SK Officials:
Agwiking, Robert L.
Ayban, Ben T.
Lakay, Clarise B.
Masgay, Ronald L.
Odlos, Cleo D.
Suyam, Andrew A.


Bomod-ok Falls

Lake Leneng
Lake Leneng

Rice Terraces

Fedilisan Barangay
Fedilisan Barangay


If  you want to visit Bomod-ok Falls,  go to Poblacion  Sagada and look  for  the passenger jitney bound for Aguid, Sagada. The trip schedule in the morning is 7-9  and in the afternoon is 3-4.  Going there takes 30 minutes ride.  It takes 7 km from Poblacion, Sagada to reach Aguid.

It is also advisable to have a guide with you when you visit Bomod-ok Falls.  Go to the Sagada Town Hall and register (all visitors do register) and ask for a guide.

When you already there in Aguid, enjoy the view of  Lake Leneng  and the rice terraces while walking  from Aguid down to Fedilisan  and then finally to  Bomod-ok Falls.

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