Places to Visit

What are places of interest to visit in Mountain Province and other Cordillera provinces?  Travel tips, attractions are articles contributed on this page by the locals.


  1. alfie

    im so disappointed when i cant find Tadian on the list of the municipalities above and yet Tinoc and mankayan have their names above?

  2. Joel Fagsao

    Thanks Alfie for the comment. If you are from Tadian, I would welcome your contribution to write about Tadian. The maintenance of the website is a one man job and I would really appreciate write ups from all of us here in Mountain Province. I have a regular day job so whenever I find time to update the contents, I really do. If ever Tinoc and other places are mentioned, it is because the articles are either contributed from my students or writers like Glo Tuazon. I’m sorry to disappoint you but as always, we can collaborate. I am based here in Bontoc and please note that I have no biases on municipalities. There’s just a dearth of articles from the municipalities.

    Thank you for your visit to the site.

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