Oct 21

Getting Around Bontoc

By: Ayra T. Cambod and Mia G. Gasmeña
Special project for Web Page Design and Development Course
With updates by Alfaretta P. Nadcop

In our research about Bontoc, we found out that Bontoc is politically subdivided into sixteen (16) barangay named:

  • Alab Proper
  • Alab Oriente
  • Balili
  • Bayyo
  • Bontoc Ili
  • Caneo
  • Dalican
  • Gonogon
  • Guinaang
  • Mainit
  • Maligcong
  • Samoki
  • Talubin
  • Tocucan
  • Poblacion (Bontoc)
  • Calutit

Poblacion Bontoc is the town center where provincial capitol building, provincial plaza, provincial market, municipal hall, commercial center, government center is located. From Poblacion to the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College is walking distance. You can ride a tricycle for seven pesos.


In Poblacion Bontoc, there are lot of hotels to accommodate visitors and restaurants to dine in.  Hotels include Churya-a Hotel and Restaurant, Pines Kitchennete and Inn, Walter Clap Centrum, Ridgebrook Hotel and Restaurant, Kidla-a Hotel and Restaurant, Archog Hotel and Restaurant, Mountain Hotel and Bontoc Hotel among others.

Churya-a Hotel & Restaurant can be found along the national road near Drop By Cafe/Restaurant.  It is a five storey building with verandas on each floor. The restaurant is on the second floor with a nice and cozy view of the national road.

Directions to Churya-a Hotel and Restaurant: 

Churya-a Hotel & Restaurant is within 5 minutes walk from all land-based transportation. The Bontoc-Baguio buses terminal is mere 3 minutes walk away from Churya-a Hotel as with the Bontoc – Banaue jeepney terminal. Likewise, the Bontoc – Sagada Jeepney terminal is a mere 2 minute walk away from the hotel.

Pines Kitchenette and Inn is another hotel where visitors can stay with it has a restaurant and shared bath amenities. Located at the back of the market compound near the commercial center before the provincial plaza. with a rates of 350 per night.


Visit Sta. Rita Cathedral

Watch the Lang-Ay Festival (Every April 7th of each year)

Visit the All Saint’s Cathedral

Walk around town and observe the local color.

Visit the Bontoc Museum (near Saint Vincent’s Elementary School)

 The  Bontoc museum is located above the justice hall office and pine kitchenette and at saints Vincent’s elementary school. Where in you can see the different kind of antiques and the old cultures and tribes of people before they colonized.

Sta.Rita Cathedral. Located at Saint Vincent’s High School, just walking Distance away from the Provincial Plaza.

Local Color:  Try the early morning coffee at the Bontoc Public Market and at Ambagatan.  Include in your order pan cakes.  Arabica coffee blends cost P10.00 per cup.  Pan cakes- soft yummy are priced at P15.00 each.


People spend their time at karaoke bars or disco live bands. Some bars to visit are the Cherway live bands and Cable café live bands.

The Cherway live band is located at the town center facing the Bontoc Public Market.  Cable café is walking distance from Churyaa hotel, near Tambunting Pawnshop. They have a restaurant,  live band,  also operate a  bus to Manila and vice versa.   The bus leaves at 3:00 pm to Manila and from Manila the bus leaves at 8:00 P.M.

Bus Terminals by Destination

Rising sun Bus Terminal is located near the Bontoc Municipal Hall and Dangwa Bus Terminal is located near the Commercial center. This Buses are bound to Baguio. Immanuel Bus bound to Tabuk via Banawe is located at the Dirige’s residence while buses bound to Tabuk via Tinglayan is located near the Mountain Province State Polytechnic College. Jeepney’s and vans are among the services used in transporting people to nearby places. Jeepney’s going up to Sagada is located on the street between the Walter Clap Centrum and the All Saints mission School. Mini Bus and vans going to Abatan 90 is located on the  Street between the building of  the Coop Bank and chaokas building . Jeepney’s going to Banaweand the Vonvon Liners going to Santiago is located on the street between the Mountain Hotel and the Bontoc Municipal Hall, besao jeepney’s are located on the Street between Solang building and the Dirige’s building . Abatan Bauko , Cervantes and maligcong parking areas is located on the street going to Pines Kitchenette while Sabangan’s parking area is located on the street infront of  Bayle building,

Tricycles are the means of tranportation in Bontoc and the minimum fare is p7.00 per person, students and the elderly the fare is P9.00 per person