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  1. Christmarck M. Angyoda

    hellow. can i have a document about sadanga economic development. tnx..

    1. Joel

      Hi Christmark, I’m sorry, we cannot yet get a profile of Sadanga. If only the all of the municipalities of Mountain Province have access to the Internet, then these local government units would be interested to publish their profiles. The best option for you is to go visit the Provincial Planning and Development Office of Mountain Province -at the Provincial Capitol in Bontoc or visit the Municipal Planning and Development Office of Sadanga.


  2. vanessa kettem

    helo,,meron bang data ang sadanga about
    sugarcane wine?

  3. Maritess

    I don’t know if there are researches related to that…… But you can have data anytime when you go and asks the amam a’s of isadanga,,,,!

  4. Maylene

    Hello..Blessed day?.. ask ko lang po if you have available info about the Se-eb ritual of sadanga…
    thank you

  5. justine

    can i have some of the featured places of sadanga?

    1. isadanga

      maatong hot spring, fowaas falls, sleeping beauty view (best viewed in sacasacan)

  6. sadanger

    Hello can I ask about the traditions or rituals of sadanga,thank you so much

  7. Novalyn Macayba Alfonso

    Can I have at least 5 customary laws of sadanga and how they are being applied in our tribe…

  8. faustina

    hello po can i ask about fowa-as falls

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