Aug 02

The Killing of the Universe

By Glo Abaeo Tuazon

Washed-out community.

The clock ticks with time and the hourglass almost exhausted of sand. With the changing of the seasons, is the changing of people, of lifestyles, of trends, of nature and of climate. The last two, nature and climate are the most we would not want changed in so fast a pace. Studies and actual observations are alarming to the extent of changes happening now, reasons ranging from domestic, commercial and agricultural expansions to pollutions and other natural factors.

Sinking village (Photo: Glo Tuazon)

Changes are inevitable and a welcome phase in everything in this world, but when the changes are from mostly bad to worse and worst, then it is nothing to be happy about. These changes in nature and climate is a worldwide occurrence, not confined in a single place. The changes are either man caused or natural, but then again when the natural wrath happens it is mostly also because of the changes caused by man. What we have today may not well stay for long if the current trend and state of mind does not change for the better. Take for example the outright opinions of some global legislators and scientists who claim that climate change is a hoax, a scam to propel “political and economic gain”.

Scorched mountains. Photo by Glo Tuazon

That the horrible and future effects are “big exaggerations” clouding the authenticity of global warming science. The twisting of facts and the outright effort to distort things and issues by some entities totally wrecks havoc to the minds of people who have to choose which side of the coin they need to believe in. But unlike the scientists or legislators or those in the academe making thorough studies of the issues at hand, simple concerned people can evidently see and have at one time or the other experienced a few effects brought about by this changes no matter if one is schooled or not. We all believe in the wrath of nature, the reasons are what we need to understand. These are also the very issues that the ordinary citizens, especially those in pretty much rural and very poor countries may not comprehend easily. Something that some unscrupulous learned and moneyed people or companies take to their advantage to further their goals to gain.

Quarried mountain facades. Photo by Glo Tuazon

Locally in this Northern part of the Philippines is also evidently showing the changes in the environment and the first hand experience of its effects. The massive and harrowing destruction brought about by typhoons and droughts comes with sad and unexpected tolls of lost lives and properties. What more could we ask for as evidences that the depreciation of our environment are creating these havocs we do not necessarily should experience in such a scale or dimension or intensity so big? The rainy seasons have arrived, to mean peak season for calamities.

Second to the last missing body found in Tublay (Benguet) landslide.

We either have floodings, landslides and other extensive soil erosions. These and more to cause death, sickness and illnesses, destruction of agriculture and livelihoods, disruption of normal activities from home-school-to work routines, emotional and financial stress and decline. ALL BECAUSE WE HELPED DESTROY OUR ENVIRONMENT. Go around and about and we see denudation of forests, damming and damning of rivers, excavations for expansions and commerce purposes. Our trees have dwindled, gone to lumber factories. Our mountains are bald and bare and gaping raw because we mined it to the core and quarried their bellies. Our rivers are down to trickles because there are no more trees to hold the water supply. The air we breathe is tainted with acid and other chemicals that good air should be classified as a commodity. The animals that used to roam our forests have all but died and never regenerated because their habitats have gone to waste. Our oceans and seas mourn with the deaths and decline of aquatic species from chemical spills to garbage pollution. Even out city streets reek of the stench of garbage. Where did our senses go? Have we as people mutated with the barrage of bacterias and viruses that our minds cannot perceive anymore the importance of the cycle and the interrelations of our environment with our lives? We wake up one day to a scene seemingly cut out of some futuristic movie where we are left with a black and white and gray world where we are down to a totally mutated universe and the simple task of waking up everyday is a fight for survival. Let not our mouths open with the reason that it is not our task to care for these things. If we care so much about ourselves and the future of our children and those to still be born into this woesome, changing world, then each was born with a task.

Landslide in Tublay, Benguet. Photo: Glo Tuazon

Like the native Indians of America would say, nature and everything in it are our brothers. The earth and water and skies are part of our evolution and part of the symbiotic cycle of our being.