Jun 07

Tips for travel packing

You might be off abroad, or to another island to visit a friend or relative. The big dilemma we all have when this happens, is the packing issue. How many of us truly know how to pack properly?

You probably answered that question with: there is more than one way. You are right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your way is the most practical for your needs. Do you even pack the right things when you go to certain areas of the country? Or do you not think about it and play on Binguez instead, until you have to throw it all into your case at the last minute.

- The first tip I can give you is to pack all of the heavy items first. For example, the toiletries and shoes etc. That way they won’t harm the more delicate items that are sat on top. You should place them at the spine of the case, to keep the balance centred.

- You could stuff your rolled up socks into your shoes, to save space for other less flexible items. It is all about preserving the space you have, and using it to the best of its potential.

- In terms of your clothing, you should pack the heavier clothing at the bottom. So, your trousers etc should go first, and line the bottom of the suitcase. Then pack the lighter ones on top. They are less likely to be wrinkled that way.

- If you have white or lighter colours, try and put a layer of darker clothes before them, and place more on top. This will keep them safe from stains from spilled toiletries and grubbiness from the bottom of the case.

- Take a plastic bag with you in case you need to pack wet items of clothing at a moments notice. You might also find one handy for dirty clothing too.

- Leave room for souvenirs and presents you plan to bring back for family and friends.