Nov 09

Natonin, My Home

My Barrio Home, Tonglayan-Natonin

by: Jesica Baliwang


Brarrio Tonglayan is my home in the municipality of Natonin.  Tonglayan is one of the barangays of the municipality.

Abaca is abundant in Tonglayan and is a growing industry in my community.   Barrio  Tonglayan has eight sitios namely:   Daulan, Pora, Tiing, Ofoob, Obiteg, Tonglayan Proper, Demang or Porok Namnama and  Little Mexico.


To visit Natonin, you can start from Bontoc, the capital town of Mountain Province.  In Bontoc, get a tricycle (costs you seven pesos) and tell the driver to bring you to the parking area for Natonin public transport.  You can also take a short distance walk to the Cathedral of All Saints Church (Anglican Church).

Natonin bound jitneys usually leave at 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  There is no exact time to leave because the transport operators have to wait until the ride is filled up.  Operators usually wait for passengers coming from Baguio City.  There are usually two trips that leave for Natonin each day.

Barrio Talubin of Bontoc is the first vista on the road to Natonin.  The quaint village of clear waters an rice paddies will set you on this nature trip.  Next stop is Chatol, Barlig.  You will note that the temperature gets colder and the scent of earth and plant life is invigorating.  Chatol is also where the passengers stop for meals, refreshments.  On the road, you pass by Lias, Barlig.  Lias has its orange groves, sweet organic oranges.  From Lias, you pass by barrio Kadaklan of Barlig and then Banao.  Tell to the conductor what barrio you are going and he will stop the jeep.  Fare to Tonglayan, Natonin is P150.00.  Be ready to shell out some more if you have lots of baggage. The road condition is quite difficult and it is expensive for public transport operators to maintain their vehicles.

It takes five hours until you reach Poblacion, Natonin because the road is not yet paved, but there are other jitneys that take the route for four hours.  It depends on the speed of the jeep, some drivers take the wheel slow, so it takes six hours until they reach their destinations. In all, it takes 64 kilometers from Bontoc to Poblacion in Natonin.


There are no inns in each barrio of Natonin.  A humble home welcomes a visitor and staying in a home gives visitors a chance to know more about life in Natonin.

There are two lodging house in Poblacion, Natonin.  This is the San Roque Lodge and the Colalading’s Inn.

Places to Eat

There are no restaurants in each Brgy. There are eateries in Poblacion, Natonin.  Prices are reasonable.  If you are surprised that some basic goods are quite expensive, that’s the way it really is.  It is expensive to transport basic goods to my community.

Manangar Park

My home, Tonglayan has a spot you can visit.  This is   Manangar Park, which is made by the people of Tonglayan. This Park is along the road and below is the river so clean and great for a dip. Manangar Park is where the native of Tonglayan always go there to have their picnic.  The youth of Tonglayan spend time in Manangar Park.  After caroling (at Christmas time) or other youth group activities, Manangar Park is a favorite destination of young people.

Mangar Park

rice fields of Bry. Tonglayan

What to Wear

Just wear any kind of clothes you want. But, never wear clothes like mini skirts, backless shirt, short that show your thighs and low neckline because my barrio mates frown on indecent exposures.

Barangay (Barrio) Officials

Brgy Captain

Mr. Felipe Basing

Brgy Kagawad:

Mr. Agno Liwan

Mrs. Ofelia Panot

Mr. Yap Gamonnac

Mr. Eugene Banasan

Mr. Jimmy Todco

Mr. Peles Sison

Mr. Jeffrey Baliwang


Brgy. Tonglayan celebrate their Brgy Fiesta during the month of April where they can show there culture. During the first day of their fiesta visitors are invited to meals.  A showcase of our local dances such as the Eagle Dance is one thing you should not miss.  The locals will also be glad to teach you our dances.

A bigger event is the Sas-alliwa festival.  The Sas-alliwa festival is celebrated in Poblacion, Natonin.  Each barrio sends delegates to the festival.  Local games are also played with unique names such as  ak-akkad, chursi, abfan selay and sangkor for both women and men. A local beauty conest called  “Lagkunawan hen Natonin” is one of the highlights of the event.  The Sas-alliwa Festival is held every 3rd week of April.


We have nine months or less of rainy season. We have only the month of April and May which is summer season.

Sceneries of Tonglayan: