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Tonglayan is located at the Eastern part of Mountain province which is Natonin. There are seven sitios of Tonglayan wich is: Daulan, Ofo-ob, Balugang, Pora, Tiing, Demang or Porok Namnama, Obiteg, Little Mexico, and Proper Tonglayan.


Even the life is full of hardship, people of Brgy. Tonglayan is no limit for giving birth because in one family, they are seven and above, but some of the family have a small family because they were applying the calendar method or some other kind of family planning. But even the life is full of hardship; the parents were sending their children in school in order to learn and to achieve their goals in life. The total of the people in Tonglayan is 719, while the total of the household is 146, and the total of the families is 156.

Current officials

Municipal Mayor

Mr. Mateo Chiyawan

Barangay Captain

Mr. Iresio Latogan

Barangay Kagawads:

Mr.  Edwin Chiyawan

Mr. Jose Chumawat

Mr. Jimmy Todco

Mr. Jimmy Pinoy-an

Mr. Ben Paluwan

Mr.  Lanad Naimis

Mr. Eugene Foy-awon

Sanggunian Kabataan

Mr. Dionisio Maanong

SK Kagawad:

Ms. Prima Enaro

Ms. Judy Calixto

Ms. Claribel Nasuchod

Mr. Bryan Gaachan

Mr. Dan Focasan

Mr. Ricky Legomio

Tourists Spots:

Apatan Rice Terraces

Penedna Falls

Naropaan Falls

Pegkeng Park

Manangar Park

How to get their

There are fourteen jeepneys which are travelling from Natonin to Bontoc, two busses and twelve jeepneys. But not of them were scheduled everyday. In one day, there are two jeepneys were scheduled from Natonin to Bontoc, but if the time come for the schedule of the two busses, they are only one to travel from Natonin to Bontoc because that’s the agreement from them.

If you want to visit the Barangay Tonglayan of Natonin. Just go to the loading station of Natonin and wait for more than two or three hours until the jeep is full with passengers. When the jeep is full with passengers, the jeep will start immediately. Their will be a stop over where the passengers will eat, which is Barlig.

When the passengers were done eating, the jeep will start immediately for the trip. But if it is your first time to go their, just tell to the conductor where is your destination and the conductor will tell to the driver where to stop.


Barangay Tonglayan has no accommodations, but the center which is Barangay Poblacion has its two lodging house which is: Colaladings Lodging house and the San Roque Lodging house.

This is the rice fields of Barangay Tonglayan

Photo by: Baliwang, Jesica T.


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    How much money is the trip from Natonin by jeepny to Tonglayan…?

    There are six in our family…we want to visit Palat family in Tonglayan.

    Thank you, Jerry & Estela Palat Frost family

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