Biking Adventures

Mountain Province’s terrain is an ideal place for mountain biking.  Some mountain biking enthusiasts from as far as Bulacan have already visited Mountain Province.  You can take the route either from Ifugao, Kalinga, Halsema Highway from Baguio or the famed Bessang Pass from the Ilocos side.  While in Bontoc, you can take a mountain road going up to the famed Maligcong Rice Terraces.  You can also visit the Mainit Hotsprings taking another mountain route from Bontoc.  The rewards?  A breathtaking view and like the statement from one visiting biker- nothing can compare with the terrain of Mountain Province when it comes to biking.  You can also meet up with the local biker’s group who are just as enthusiastic as you when it comes to biking.  Let the adventures begin…come to Mountain Province and test your biking skills. jayhken

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