Nov 05

come visit our beloved samoki

Samoki is one barangay of Bontoc, mountain Province. Samoki is known because of their products which are the clay pots and weaved products. This is the things that the old folks mostly doing. Some foreigners visit this place also because of their rice fields that are found beyond the houses and along the road.


-Its easy to visit our place because its just near the Bontoc town proper and as long as you ask where this place is to the people living here. If you want to take a ride,you just go to the loading station of Bontoc town proper and then and there you can now take a tricycle their and pay 7pesos for the fair. Its just less done five minutes. to travel from town proper to Samoki. But if you want to walk it, it takes only 7-10minutes  for you to travel and the advantage is you can see the nice view of the place especially when you’re crossing the bridge. Its nice to walk it for the rode is already cemented.


-Their only 3 hotels found at this place. we have here the kidla-a hotel and resto bar, ridgebooke hotel and restaurant, and lastly the archog hotel and restaurant. These hotels are offers their place for the venue of diff. kinds of parties, seminars, and others for hire. The only thing that that these hotels difference is they have different prices for the accomodation and services. Archog hotel and restaurant is considered of having the higher price than the two hotels that are mentioned because they have the most comfortable place and it has complete things needed at the rooms than the two hotels. So most foreigners that visited this place prefer to stay to these hotel. Kidla-a hotel is the only hotel among this two hotels mentioned that has a bar where guest hangout.


- Samoki has also attractions  visited by the foreigners. We have here the fields that are found beyond the houses and along the road. We have also the river that most youngsters visit for having their picnics and jamming. Now a days, we have also the displayed weaved products and already made clay pot.

Current Officials:

*Bontoc Municipal Mayor:

-Pascual Sacgaca


-Eusebio Kabluyen

-Benjamin Ngeteg

-Jerome Tudlong Jr.

-Ignacio Afidchao

-Constancio Miranda

-Herman Farnican

-Wilbert Padngaran

-Anthony Sumcad

*Barangay Samoki Officials:


-Joerge Atin

-Herman Ola

-Willy Paspas

-Mauricio Anongos

-Manuel Kalang-ad

-Leon Fatongkeg