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Known as “Fiallig,” “Fialikia”, Lias or “Changyasan”….


1.  Lake Tufob is located on top of a mountain in Chatol, Lingoy.  It is within the heart of a mossy forest and wild plants.  The place is cool and the best time to visit is during the summer.

Lake Tufub-Barlig (Photo by Malou Ayeona)

2.  Siblaw Taraw Lake

Siblaw Taraw (Quicksand) Barlig

Barlig Photo Gallery

All photos on these page are courtesy of Barlig born-Marilou Ayeona-Huber.

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Chatol, Lingoy Location: Chatol, Lingoy, Barlig, Mountain Province (Luzon). Abstract: Sitio Chatol is located at 1700 meters with (partly degraded) mossy forests and a small lake (Lake Tufob). Lingoy village is a 1-2 hour walk from the main road and is located at 1650 meters. There is a very steep trail going uphill to Lake …

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