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Chatol, Lingoy
Location: Chatol, Lingoy, Barlig, Mountain Province (Luzon).
Abstract: Sitio Chatol is located at 1700 meters with (partly degraded) mossy forests and a small lake (Lake Tufob). Lingoy village is a 1-2 hour walk from the main road and is located at 1650 meters. There is a very steep trail going uphill to Lake Tufob after following the main road to Bontoc for about 500 meters. The trail will lead you after a 30 minute hike to Lake Tufob with mossy forests.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Remarks: Birding is also good from the main road; check the electricity cables for flowerpeckers, Mountain Shrike and White-cheeked Bullfinch!

Location: Lingoy, Barlig, Mountain Province (Luzon).
Abstract: Lingoy is a 1 to1.5 hour walk from the main road. To get to Lingoy village, take the dirt road from the main road near the school. The first 300 meters from the main road are open and swampy gradually changing into scrub and bamboo vegetation. 500 meters after, the vegetation becomes more covered with forest and this continues until Lingoy village.
Difficulty: Easy.
Remarks: Check the bamboo for Tawny-breasted Parrotfinch and Green-faced Parrotfinch!

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