Nov 16

Visit Tinoc Ifugao

TINOC is the home of the Kalanguya subgroup of the Ifugao. Kalanguya people indigenous to mountainous Tinoc remain majority in the municipality. People of Tinoc are hospitable, highly civilized and well educated.

It is one of the 11 municipalities and a 5th class municipality in the province. It has a land area of 17,670,643 sq. m.

Brief History

Tinek is a kalanguya terminology, which means a prohibitive mud-deep usually, found in rice paddies having a continuous supply of water this mud-deep is caused by a pocket ground-bed thus creating a hollow portion allowing mud and water to fill it up.

The exact location of tinek is just eastern part of the school site of the present central school. It is said that on a date undetermined perhaps even before the coming of Spaniards and Americans, a certain women went to the area presumably to do routine cleaning when she almost drown her self in the mud-deep.If not the presence of a piece of wood floating over it instinct of swallowing in the mud. On that process, the carabao was swallowed in the mud-deep and no one to be found. Since then the area was known all over to be dangerous of the presence of  a mud-deep or tinek.

Later on they name the place to Tinoc and the whole municipality, when the municipality was divided into barangays they name the center into Poblacion that is the business center of Tinoc.


Tinoc  is located near the province’s southwestern border within Nueva Viscaya and Benguet.


According to the latest census,it has a population of 12,045 people in 1,680 households.

Transportation (How to get there)

Just ride to  Sunshine and Blooming Hill Express (BHE) buses going to Tinoc.

If you’re here in Bontoc and you want to visit our place just ride to any buses going to Baguio and drop at Abatan Buguias.

Everyday schedule:  First trip from Tinoc to Baguio BHE bus starts at 8 am, and arrived at Abatan Buguias at 10 am.Second trip starts 11 am and arrived at Abatan at 1 pm.From Baguio to Tinoc BHE bus starts at 6 am and arrived at Abatan at 9 am,second trip starts at 8 am and arrived at Abatan at 11 am.


We have the Family Lodge at sitio Spring,Saldaan’s Family Lodge at sitio Kumelbeng. For only 200 pesos per night.

Restaurants/ Place to Dine

We have the mini rastaurants of Lino’s family near the oval of the school and the mini restaurant at sitio Tupaan,for only 60 pesos per serving.

Tourist Spots

Every area of our place has its different views and a nice place to refresh minds even for just a while.We have our gardens,the mountains,and many more that’s why you should come  explore, experience and discover it.

You can visit our place with no entrance fee as long as you didn’t  destroy any on the area you visited.

In visiting our place you should at-least wear a long pant and  a T-shirt/sweat shirt to protect your body from unexpected incident that may happen on your way.

Tinoc Current Public Officials

May0r: Pugong, Lopez

Vice May0r: Calyaen, Agustin


Calyaen, Victor



Tacio, Efren

Patnaan, Paul

Humakey, Randy

Nagayos, Felicitas

Mayomes, Ben

Barangay Captain:

Patricio Nginyahan


Jery Ummas

Elmo Ummas

Maria Baucas

Ariel Bulintao

Ronald Pugong

Jerome Uybaan

SK Officials


Teninio, Marlon


Binwihan ,Necir

Dulawan, Ronie Menez

Dulnuan, Rachael

Guinziman, Gringo

Matias, Ronald

Sabungan, Marive



Every summer we celebrate our town fiesta wherein each barangays participates in different games that are going to be played.In this events the community will show their talents in sports not only works.People in Tinoc believe that socializing with one another is one  achievements in life.

Weather Condition

For your safeness its best for you to visit our place during the summer season because from September to January it is some what  cloudy and rainy day season.