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The climate is moderately warm with two pronounced seasons: the season starts in the month of June and usually ends in October while the dry usually occurs from November to May. Occurrence of strong winds usually occurs in South to North directions or vice versa. Typhoon and floods usually occur during the months of November and December.

Municipal Officers:

Major- Danglose, Donato Luis “Nato”

Vice-Major- Bernardez, Joseph Bangwa

Municipal Councilor:

  1. Bosoen, Luis Camot-ogan
  2. Lipawen, Venancio Emengga
  3. Bacog, Ronan Barba
  4. Esden, Dario Panagan
  5. Litilit,Enrique Gut-omen
  6. Sapdoy,George Wacangan
  7. Bondad, Ernesto Baliang
  8. Sudicalan, Florencio Bernardez

Barangay Captain- Tuazon, Sulpricio Soleven


  1. Cam-ed, Arcadio Jr. Maximo
  2. Wacangan, Caridad Dongsino
  3. Barbosa, Benito Agaldang
  4. Gallate, Lorenzo Jimenes
  5. Tacut, Allen Baliang
  6. Wangdali, Willy Napa-ek
  7. Andawey, Simon Calichag

Sanguniang Kabataan:

SK Chairman- Boy-og, Eustaquio Jr. Bumidang

SK Kagawad:

  1. Chugsayanm, Webster Pagat
  2. Pao-ayen, Kennedy Doladol
  3. Mamanteo, Stephen Dup-et
  4. Pascua, Antonio Jr, Kingao
  5. Padua, Kylle Wigwigan
  6. Tacut, Rod Alex Barbosa


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  1. Jocel

    Good day,

    We would like to summit Mt. Kalawitan On April 5-9, 2012. I have read the official Apa Campsite website. I have tried calling Councilor Ernesto Bondad, but he is not answering my text messages or my calls. I have sent an email to their private mail addresses as well as posted message in their guestbook, but they have not replied. I don’t know what number to contact anymore and I can’t finalize anything because nobody is replying. Can you please give me other contact numbers? I need to have an idea if booking is full or if they have prohibited climbers. Thanks and hoping for any valuable response.

    Best regard,
    Jocel of Quezon City

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  3. Criatopher

    visez la o plasma de 127. crezi ca o pot lua daca pltseac cu timp? :) dar probabil nu la asta te referi. depinde la ce visezi. uneori merita asteptarea. daca cele enumerate sunt caracteristici ale omului modern, atunci timpul n-are nici o sansa (sau nicio, nu mai stiu cum e corect). iar despre a crede fara a cerceta, cred ca e un semn de incredere. dar asta in urmatorul episod.

  4. Mallorie

    Adam:A few years ago we met in a long hallway borfee your show. With thousands in the building, you and I were the only two in that hall. Everything I wanted to say, feel, or do went through me like wildfire. As you walked towards me, I couldn’t move. You slowed down only to look me in the eye and gently smile.In that moment it was like you knew and I told you everything without talking at all. Sometimes you say that you don’t remember the tours, the crowds, or the relationships.Trust me, you were there in that moment.As you get older, wiser, and are feeling a bit better..do think that YOU are able to connect with the fans more? You never seem to look into the seats. See you 7/22 I’ll be the blond in the third row waiting for another smile

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