Where To Go

Lush forests, water falls, the terraces….

Bumayeng...Aguid_Mountain Province has a lot to offer nature lovers, there is a spot for everyone, that would surely capture one’s heart.  You will love to come back to this place again and again.  There are places to see and it would take you days to ever finish visiting the sites.  Whatever is the time frame you have, there will always be places you can hie off to.  Most of the sites are natural attractions from the terraces to the mountain peaks and valleys that lie below.  Springs-fresh cool clear water or the warm mineral springs will always provide a welcome respite to those living a harried life.  Come to Mountain Province, enrich your mind and your senses, be in one with the people who are proud of their culture and generally amiable, friendly and fun to be with.



The Bontoc Museum The Bontoc Museum located at the St. Vincent’s School compound houses artefacts of the Bontoc days of old and other objects in various places of the Cordillera Region.  There is also a replica of how a village in the town of Bontoc, looked in the days before the arrival of Catholic and …

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